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Basel & Pierce, is a boutique company created by crypto veterans decided to build innovative tools in the blockchain ecosystem, and shape humanity's near future with as many advatnages as possible. Basel & Pierce has three different entities: The Basel & Pierce Crypto Innovation Lab, the Basel & Pierce Crypto Research Unit,  and The Basel & Pierce Crypto Software Factory.

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The Crypto Innovation Lab, is currently developing 7 different projects. It already created several groundbraking technologies, serving as an engine for new products to come. 

The first project developed and launched by the Crypto Innovation Lab, was The Immortalizer, a one of a kind NFT multimedia and multichain minting machine. 

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The Crypto Research Unit aims to collect and create top notch content both in the technological and legal fields, regarding crypto adoption and implementation worldwide. 

The first project developed and launched by the Crypto Research Unit, was the NFT Express, a multi-language content creation plattaform designed to reach emerging markets. 


The Crypto Software Factory is dedicated to provide Crypto, Blockchain and NFT solutions to corporate clientes all over the world. We understand exactly what problems need solving and how almost impossible it is to get crypto quality devs. 

You can trust us whith whatever you need build, deployed, created or fixed. Do you need some kind of crypto implementation? Reach us at

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